Adam Glick



I have been practicing for 25 years and enjoy working with a wide range of presenting issues. My style is interactive, authentic and strength-based. I strive to help my clients feel better about themselves, to live authentically and to understand the factors and issues that may prevent them from feeling able to live their lives to their full potential. I value the power of deep listening, empathy and validation of experience while also providing a sense of hope and the courage and skills to achieve positive change.  My clinical perspective draws from positive psychology, narrative therapy, CBT and other modalities most suited for the particular client and goals that we are working on.

I have particular interest in working with the GLBTQQ community and specifically have 19 years of experience working with transgender clients and individuals who are exploring issues related to gender identity.

My specialties include:  relationship issues, trauma, gender identity, anxiety, depression, major life transitions, college students, coming out, mindfulness, career decisions and couple's therapy