Leslie Berman



I have been a clinical social worker for over twenty years. Although my clinical approach tends to be eclectic, I ground all of my work in Relational Cultural Theory (RCT). I work from a belief that relationships are necessary for healthy emotional development and it is the relationship in therapy that is the central healing agent. People grow in, through and toward relational connections, rather than through the separation and isolation we learn in the dominant Western culture. Through my work in psychotherapy I offer clients the opportunity to address the need for relational connection in an environment of empathy, appreciation, and compassion. In this place we can explore wounds and losses so that healing can happen and lasting change can take hold. I incorporate exploring early family and childhood experiences, psychodynamics, strengths, mindfulness, Dialectical Behavioral Training, psycho-education, cognitive behavioral techniques, skill development, and humor. 

The work I do is uniquely informed by each individual client based on what each one prefers and what works best in each person's situation.  In addition to RCT, my areas of interest, expertise, and specialized training include couples therapy, gender identity and expression, loved ones of gender diverse individuals, LBGTQQIA adults, HIV, psychodrama, hypnosis, and the arts.  My work with couples primarily focuses on the present moment to assist them in clarifying intentions, having successful conversations, and working toward their relationship goals.  My gender work includes exploration of gender identity and expression, the journey of gender affirmation, and beyond.  I also include work with partners and family members, and/or couples therapy to increase understanding and to ease transitions.  My work with LBGQQA adults includes exploration of common daily concerns as well as coming out issues and managing relationships in a heterosexist society. 

I am committed to working in a client centered, collaborative, and curious manner.